Create Connection Between Motorcycle Shops

Connection, the focus of BIKE STARS. We would like to rejuvenate the motorcycle industry in Japan. Being the �gconnection bridge�h in providing the sales, service and support in maintenance, parts supply between manufacturers and shops to end users.

BIKE STARS will continue to face the uphill challenge to build this connection in the industry, in Japan and eventually around the world. We will face many difficulties and obstacles in the challenge, and this will be focus of our mission. BIKE STARS, mission: Create a strong network in Japan and around the world by expanding our resources and capacity to serve the motorcycle industry.

Create an environment where focus is sales, service and support.

BIKE STARS growth and the rejuvenation of the motorcycle industry is not possible without the motorcycle shops. By keeping touch and providing good service to the shops, it enable the shops to dedicate their full efforts in the sales, service and support role that consumers expect of them. In return, the shops can then reap a good profit from its role and contribute to the revival of the motorcycle industry as a whole. With good financial returns, the shops can then be motivated to promote maintenance of consumer�fs bikes and engaged in charming tales of the beauty of motorcycle riding and ownership. By these practice, bike shops will be the center of the industry and will cultivate more new motorcycle riders and enthusiasts.

BIKE STARS aims to achieve the following objectives:
- form a network of bike stocks and trade them from all North to South territories in Japan.

  • - expand the networked dealers/retail shops from the current 2,500 to 7,500 so that a traded turnover of 100,000 units can be achieved.
  • - to be able to supply bikes on time and at the best price.