To dispel current negative perception and enliven the image of motorcycle shops.

The motorcycle boom in Japan came 1980s. Motorcycles of all kinds were everywhere in town and the manufacturing industry was very vibrant. However, today, the domestic production had reduced to only one tenth from the heydays of the motorcycle boom. Motorcycle users decreased tremendously in the twenties age group and overall, except for an increase in the thirties age group. Recent movies, TV dramas, multi-media and commercials promoting motorcycles is few and far in between. This further led to a heavy decline in the interest in motorcycle riding in the younger generation of today.

The motorcycle industry in Japan has not established good relationship between manufacturers and dealers/retail shops. This is probably due to old customs not promoting this important link. Sales of motorcycles was then very focused on price point, leading to the cheapest price possible syndrome. The dealers and retail shops eventually lost their original goal of being the SALES, SUPPORT & SERVICES centers for the industry.